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About Nikunja

Since I was a child, I always had a lot of energy. I naturally gravitated towards activities which kept me active in my physical body and towards consistent creative expression. Over the years, this natural way of being became the means through which I learned to alchemize life experiences into a 'work of art.' Whether it be from spiritual insights, painful experiences, or simple and joyful moments alike, this process became my devotional artistry.


At age 15, indigenous wisdom teachings emphasizing the value of Nature was introduced to me. At the same time, I began learning the ancient system of yoga. Both gave an entirely new meaning to this natural connection I had as a child to the flow of life, and simultaneously became the tools which gave me resiliency during challenging events which occurred early on. Still, it was at this age when the interconnectedness of existence began steadily revealing itself, and with an innocent, yet sincere conviction, I declared to dedicate my life to the awakening journey for humanity.


In the following 15 years, life took me through a series of initiations and intense challenges which granted a very unique set of experiences from all around the inner and outer world. These experiences and consistent trainings in both the arts and holistic methods are the foundation of my offerings. All of this is thanks to my teachers, to the Earth, and to my current spiritual lineage.

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