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Dancing with the Divine
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Dancing with the Divine

Dancing with the Divine is a modern manifestation of an ancient practice,
where participants are guided into a free expression dance journey along with live music, surprise performances, meditation, mantra chanting and more.

Nikunja Dancing

It’s Simple.

It’s Playful.

It’s Deep.

There is no choreography and no dance experience necessary.

We agree to leave talking and substances/drugs of any kind, outside, as a means of
connecting with the universal language found beyond words.

Here we enter into a dimension where all are free to explore their true nature.

We feature local talent from the given country to highlight that specific cultures dance and arts expression.

"In high school my friends and I would pile into a party bus nearly every month to dance under the stars at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre. It was a sort of modern day ritual… our ancestors banged on drums around a fire, but we gathered around the flashing lights of the DJ and let the electronic beats drum us. It was, and still is my therapy. One of my favorite places to be… As life carried on, some friends couldn’t find anything which brought that kind of joy in the world, so certain substances turned into harder drugs, and harder drugs lead to addiction. Addiction lead to overdose, suicide, death...

I was then naturally drawn into experiences which could act as a bridge from that world where we all sought to find ecstasy, healing, and celebration… but without the use of any substance. This is a big part of the inspiration behind creating Dancing with the Divine. My prayer has been to provide environments which bring an authentic connection to life. Because the truth is, the real ecstasy is tapped from a natural source within. I speak from experience."

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